Digital Recognition Systems Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems. The range of products Digital Recognition Systems supply provide world leading performance for Police, Access Control, Toll Enforcement, Road User Charging, Congestion Charging, Car Park Management, Traffic Monitoring and Journey Time Analysis Systems.

Digital Recognition contains a wealth of knowledge and experience giving us the ability to tailor any solution from conception to completion. The Digital Recognition team has a passionate vision to deliver the world's leading ANPR system which is the most stable, accurate, user friendly and cost effective system available in the market.


  • Access Control & Monitoring
    ANPR Access Control
  • iSharp ANPR Camera
    ANPR, camera, overview, IR, small
  • NumberWorks ANPR Engine
    NumberWorks ANPR engine

Sectors and Applications

  • Traffic Management
    toll roads, congestion charge, traffic management, ANPR
  • Police and Law Enforcement
    police ANPR, fixed, mobile, NAAS,
  • Access Control & Site Security
    ANPR, access control, car park management, car park security